5 Tips on How to Pick the Perfect Concepts and Themes

After a client approaches you to organize a luxury event, the next step would be arranging the concepts and themes. Some clients may give you a rough idea of what they expect. Other clients may provide you the freedom to deliver beyond their imagination. 

Getting a theme would be the best place to start. A theme sets the tone for the whole event. Once a theme is set, getting the building concepts will be easier thus making the planning more manageable.

The most vital part of the whole event would be sticking to the chosen theme. A theme would allow for a flow in all the event touch points, such as social media marketing, invitations, decor, food, and music, among other event concepts. Most importantly, it will boost your brand awareness.

Key factors to consider when choosing the perfect concepts and themes:

1. Event Aim

The core question for an event planner to answer is the event’s purpose. What is the lesson that people will take home from your event? Will they learn something, support a cause, or have fun?

A corporate event will have a different theme than a kid’s birthday party. A clear purpose for the event ensures that suitable themes and concepts are applied. 

Tip: Read the article attached to learn more about choosing the event’s aims. 

2. Audience 

Who does your client intend to invite to the event? Knowing who will attend the event and what they expect will help in deciding the theme and concepts for the event. Therefore, a guest list is essential.

If both children and their parents attend the event, the theme will need to balance the age difference, while an event with one demographic will be easier to choose a theme. 

Tip: Learn more about choosing a target audience for your event for better planning. 

3. Setting

Aligning your theme and concepts with the event’s setting will add extra essence to the event. Will the event be indoors or outdoors? In addition to knowing the venue, it is also crucial to consider any restrictions in place in the chosen setting.

One has the choice to either choose a theme first or a setting. What matters is for them to complement each other.

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4. Budget

How much money will be needed to plan the event? Is there a pre-compiled budget? Is there a budget limit?

Alluring venues and charming decorations cost a leg. It is critical to plan an event within the budget of the client.

Tip: Read on event budget basics to learn more. 

5. Time of the year

The weather might affect the theme and concepts you choose for an event. Themes do not necessarily have to match the theme of the event. However, outdoor events are hugely impacted by the weather.

It would not be practical to plan for a beach party in winter unless you want to plan a freezing contest.

Tip: Learn about the time of year and outdoor events. 

Keenly following the tips proposed will ensure your event goes as planned. What is essential is picking themes, and concepts that work for you and your clients.

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